What are your children really thinking? 25 Fun Questions to ask them over dinner

What are your children really thinking? 25 Fun Questions to ask them over dinner
“Do frogs have friends?” “Are there more trees than buildings?” “Why do I have to eat three times a day?” According to a recent study, our children ask around 73 questions each day.
Why, why, why? Yep, there comes a time in every parent’s life when you face a daily barrage of questions from your child – and you realise there are quite a few (actually, loads) you have absolutely no IDEA how to answer. These impossible questions come in a variety of different guises:
  • The difficult science question: Why is the sky blue? Why do dogs have tails? How are rocks made?
  • The ‘where do we come from?’ question you weren’t expecting quite so soon: Where do babies come from? How did I get in your tummy? How was I made?
  • The embarrassing loud and in public question: Why does that lady have a moustache? Why does that man have no hair?
  • The philosophical question: What happens when you die? Is Santa/the tooth fairy/elf on the shelf real? What is God? Why do we have to die? When will you die?

Any of these sound familiar?

Our turn...

Children are innocent and filled with wonder. That's why asking them silly questions can be quite fun and insightful. Sometimes, their answers make actual sense. But most times, their answers are off-the-wall and irresistibly funny. So, after a day of answering their questions, its time to turn the tables and ask a few of our own. Try asking some of these questions at dinner time and see what crazy answers they come up with.

1- What are you thinking about?

2- What do you want to be when you grow up?

3- How old is mum/ dad?

4- How old is grandma/ grandad?

5- If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

6- What does it feel like when I hug you?

7- What did you dream about last night?

8-What makes you laugh the most?

9- If you could open a shop, what would you sell?

10- If you could have anything for breakfast, what would you have?

11- What’s your favourite smell?

12- If your pet could talk what do you think they would say?

13- Why does the sun come up?

14- If I gave you £100 what would you buy?

15- What would you do to make the world better?

16- What would you wish for if a genie gave you three wishes? 17- What is the meaning of life? 18- If you suddenly had the means to go back in time, what would you do? 19- What do you want to invent? 20- Who’s the boss of you? 21- If you suddenly had the power to become invisible just for a day, what would you do? 22- What’s your superhero name? 23- Who do you like more, daddy or mummy? 24- How many times have you ever lied? 25- How many kids do you think you’re gonna have when you get older?
Ask away and relish the fun!