Toys taking over? Discover our top-tips to declutter your child’s playroom

Toys taking over? Discover our top-tips to declutter your child’s playroom


Feeling overwhelmed by the toy takeover in your child's playroom? Take a deep breath, because help is on the way! Join us as we unveil some game-changing strategies, handpicked by our expert home organisers, Claire and Lowri from The Organised Lifestyle Co., to declutter and reclaim your space.

Let’s be real – with toys, crafts, books, and games filling every nook and cranny, chaos is inevitable in a playroom. But fear not! We’re parents too, and we understand the struggle firsthand. That’s why we’re here to share our tried-and-tested tips for efficiently organising your play space.

Say goodbye to the clutter that’s been cramping your style and disrupting your playroom paradise. With easy-to-implement storage solutions and clever toy organisation hacks, you’ll be amazed at the transformation. So grab your toolbox and get ready for some serious inspiration as we dive into our recent playroom project.

How did we do it?

Now we all like to spoil our precious babies with all the lovely things, but the truth is, when there is too much choice and too many decisions to be made, it’s likely the children will become overwhelmed and they will lose interest quickly.
The trick is to cut back and keep it simple.

Step one
We removed all the duplicates items, items that were broken or no longer age appropriate etc. Together with our client we discussed the onward journey of each individual item and we bagged them up accordingly. Remember there will always be items that hold a certain amount of emotional significance. It’s important we give these items a great deal of consideration before we decide if they stay and/or where they will go.

Step 2

Items are sorted into categories. We gathered all the dolls and doll accessories together, all the arts and crafts, toy cars and so on.

Using labelled storage bins with no lids, we carefully created a system that enabled the children to find what they needed quickly and easily. We try not to be too specific with our labels. We tend to generalise using words like “vehicles” Instead of splitting them into sub categories like “cars” “trucks” “fire engines”.  Zip wallets are a great tool for jigsaw puzzles and lazy Susan’s for arts and crafts.

We wanted to keep the visual noise to a minimum here as one of the siblings had recently been diagnosed with ADHD so we tried to find a happy medium for both of the children. Thankfully (due to the storage unit that was already in place) we were able to use visual cues that would enable him to see what category of toys were placed in the boxes underneath.

As we wrap up our journey through the art of playroom organisation, we hope you feel empowered to tackle the toy chaos in your own home. Remember, it's not about sacrificing fun or sentimentality—it's about finding a balance that works for your family. By simplifying choices and creating a system that speaks to your children's needs, you can transform chaos into harmony.

Our two-step approach—clearing out duplicates and items no longer suitable, then sorting remaining toys into broad categories—sets the stage for an organised and accessible play space. With labeled bins and thoughtful storage solutions, you can streamline the search for toys while minimizing visual clutter.

And for families navigating unique challenges, like ADHD, finding a happy medium is key. By incorporating visual cues and thoughtful organisation, you can create a space that caters to all children's needs.

So, armed with inspiration and practical tips, it's time to roll up your sleeves and transform your playroom paradise. With a little creativity and a lot of heart, you'll create a space where imagination can thrive and memories can flourish.

Happy organising!