Snuggles to Last a Childhood - Tips to Make Your new Bedding Last

Snuggles to Last a Childhood - Tips to Make Your new Bedding Last


We understand the struggles of family life - the endless laundry, mealtime battles and juggling work, school and home-life.

That’s why we designed our bedding to offer amazing value for money, save you time and make bedtime a breeze.

By following a few easy steps, you can ensure that your bedding will last a whole childhood and beyond - many of our mums and dads re-use our bedding for siblings or pass on to friends.

  • Once your new bedding arrives we know your little ones will be excited to jump straight into bed, however, we recommend popping it into the washing machine first. This step is not essential as our bedding is free from nasties but it will make it extra cosy and smell like home.
  • Don’t worry about bedtime accidents; our bedding can be washed and dried in no time. You’ll save money by washing at 30 degrees and the bedding will still come out super fresh and clean and the colours bright.
  • Our handy poppers make changing the bed a doddle (even in the dark). To protect your duvet cover in the wash, fasten the poppers and wash with similar items (no zips or stones - ha if you know you know - as parents of boys we’re always finding stones in little pockets!)
  • Ditch the tumble dryer if you can to save yourself pounds and instead hang out to dry on the washing line or on an airer. Our bedding is made from a supersoft poly-cotton blend which means it's quick to dry and you probably won’t need to get out the iron. Yipee!
  • Children love our vibrant, playful designs and we know you’ll want to keep them that way. To keep the colours popping, don’t use bleach or detergent with brighteners and wash with similar colours. Dark blue denim we’re looking at you!

These simple tips will help save you money on your laundry and make your new bedding last a whole childhood.