Rise and Shine: 6-Minute Me-Time Routine for a Fabulous Day

Rise and Shine: 6-Minute Me-Time Routine for a Fabulous Day


As a new parent, finding time for yourself can sometimes be a challenge, but Mindset Coach Gini Gill has some amazing strategies to help you take back control of your day, boost your energy levels, and maintain a positive outlook.

Often, my clients share with me the overwhelming nature of their busy days as they juggle young children, school runs, work, and more. It can leave them feeling low, stressed, and frustrated, without an easy way to change their circumstances and affecting their interactions with family members, colleagues, and friends. I used to experience similar challenges myself.

However, I have been practising an incredible morning routine for the past few years that is simple to do, and I have recommended it to my clients. Many of them have reported how it has completely transformed their mornings, empowering them to regain control of their day, reminding them of what they are grateful for, boosting their happiness, vitality, positivity, and calmness. It enables them to build themselves up and better prepare for any challenges the day may bring.

Here are some simple steps that I recommend. Ideally, spend 5-10 minutes on each step, BUT if you are pressed for time, just 1 minute on each step will only take you 6 minutes... and you will still benefit!

  • Embrace Gratitude: As you get out of bed, think of 5 things that you are thankful for. This helps dispel negative thoughts right from the start. Counting your blessings has numerous benefits, such as uplifting your mood, improving self-esteem, enhancing the quality of your sleep, and even reducing sensations of pain.
  • Rehydrate: Start the day with a large cup of water or a cuppa to rehydrate your body after sleep, helping to prevent headaches.
  • Meditation: Set a timer for a couple of minutes or use a guided meditation app like Balance or Calm. This practice can help reduce stress, promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing, as well as improve concentration. I find it calms my mind and readies me for whatever the day brings.
  • Exercise: Studies have shown that regular exercise is incredibly beneficial for our hearts, physical and mental health, as well as boosting our energy and positivity levels. According to Harvard Medical School, aerobic exercises like walking, running, cycling, and swimming improve our thinking and memory. So, get moving! Ideally, 20 minutes of exercise is great, but even a couple of minutes of stretching, star jumps, or standing knee lifts will benefit you. You can find plenty of free, short, simple, but effective exercise classes on YouTube, such as Fitness Blender or Pilates & Yoga with Katja. I love both of these channels!
  • Reading: Nourish your mind with a good read. You could delve into a self-help book, explore an interesting topic, or even learn a new language. If you feel you don't have time to sit and read, consider audio books and podcasts as a great alternative. You can multitask while you listen, such as while dressing, having breakfast, or going for a walk.
  • Journaling: Think of this as having a coach in your pocket! It's a fantastic way to check in with your emotions. If you're feeling out of sorts, you can dig a little deeper to understand why and then lift yourself up by reminding yourself of what is going well.

Now that you know the simple steps and the many benefits of a great morning routine, it will become easier as you form a new habit. Here are some tips for success - Keep it simple!

  • Remember, you don't need much time – 6 minutes is sufficient.
  • Start your routine at the same time every day, ideally first thing in the morning. However, feel free to fit it into YOUR schedule, doing it at a different time of the day if that suits you and your baby better.
  • You can do the routine in any order, combine steps, or leave some out if you prefer.
  • Avoid social media and the news during this time. Don't let other people's requests or negative news events affect your self-care time. You can always check in afterwards.
  • Take it one day at a time. It takes 30 days to form a new habit, but this one is definitely worth it!

If you would like more help with your morning routine or if you recognise an area of your life where you'd like some assistance to transform, then get in touch with Gini. She is currently on a mission to coach 50 busy women for FREE by the summer! These valuable sessions have already helped women gain clarity on what they really want and determine their next steps. The fist 10 people to sign will get a free coaching session.  Get in touch with Gini at gini@back2relief.co.uk

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