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Meet our experts for top tips on ways to help you and your family!

We've partnered with the UK's top experts to give you the latest first-hand advice on all those important areas in raising happy, healthy babies, children & parents! From sleep to post-natal care and wellness, crafting for kids, mindfulness and fitness and nutrition, we've got your questions and concerns covered.  Check out out our experts advice in the below articles!

Our Experts

Hannah Love

Paediatric sleep consultant


Sleepless nights are undoubtedly one of the toughest parts of being a parent. Having a baby or toddler that doesn’t sleep can leave you feeling as though you’re doing something wrong, and that you’re the reason your little one is unsettled, fractious and upset. And that’s why we are here with experienced paediatric sleep consultant Hannah Love to help bring you sleep salvation.

Hannah is a paediatric sleep consultant and former Nanny with over 25 years’ experience in supporting families with their babies and children including 3 of her own. She is also the founder of the Yummy Baby Group, where she has helped hundreds of families learn to juggle family life, and most importantly sleep well. 

She’s on a mission to get parents a good night’s sleep without tears or sleep training techniques.

Hannah focuses on the fact that all families and children are unique and there isn’t a quick fix or one size fits all solution when it comes to children’s sleep. There is always a biological reason and sleep science behind bedtime behaviour, and a caring way forward.

She’s also passionate about having realistic sleep expectations and that sleep doesn’t need fixing; issues are only an issue if they are one for your family.

“I firmly believe that each family is unique and so is every baby - I’m not there to tell you how to raise your family, but to support you to find a solution if what you are doing isn’t working for you right now”.

As well as running her popular sleep workshops across the UK, and providing one to one support to parents, Hannah loves cooking up a treat in the kitchen, entertaining and embracing the great outdoors, camping and festivals with her family.

You can follow Hannah on Facebook and Instagram @ sleep_well_with_hannah

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Lowri Kramcha and Claire Davies

Professional Organisers

organised lifestyle

Keeping a home clean, tidy and organised can be difficult at the best of times but adding children into the mix can make it 10 times harder. Parents, particularly first-time ones, or those with new-borns, can find that the list of chores seems never-ending and with a broken or limited sleep pattern things can quickly seem like they are spiralling out of control.

Matching bins can get you only so far when it's you versus a mountain of Hatchimals and LEGO bricks. That's why we've enlisted the help of professional organisers, Lowri and Claire to share their best hacks for a tidier playroom, plus clever solutions for how to store stuffed animals, art supplies, and other awkward items.

Swansea born and with over 9 years’ experience in fashion retail and 15 years working alongside children with ASD, Claire has a varied skillset which lends itself exceptionally well to the role of a professional organiser. Claire is particularly passionate about the function of playrooms and bedrooms for children with additional needs.


Lowri has enjoyed a successful 21-year career in travel, marketing and business where she managed a multitude of clients in a fast-paced environment. Lowri loves people and can offer clients peace of mind through project management, communication and organisational skills.


You can keep up to date with top tips and advice from Claire and Lowri over at or on Instagram @the_organised_lifestyle_co


Cinta Miller

Tutor / Hair & Makeup Artist


Cinta Miller is a leading industry creative, specialising in session hairstyling, make-up and male grooming for editorial campaigns and the music industry. 

Her career has spanned over 22 years, and she is a celebrated name in the industry. She continues to be in constant demand and creates beautiful looks for some of the biggest and most celebrated celebrity names including Tom Grennan, Fraser T-Smith, Craig David, Anne-Marie, Blue, Ella Henderson and Robbie Williams to name drop just a few! She is also a brand ambassador for Bumble and Bumble, Fudge, and Iconic London.

Cinta has lead fashion shows in London, Paris, and New York and has now gone onto found her own capsule make-up collection CintaLondon.

You can follow Cinta on Instagram @cintalondon and her website

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Hannah Erwin



Expecting a baby? With our resident midwife and hypnobirthing expert, we’ll guide you through every step of this exciting journey, from what to pack in your hospital bag to what to expect before, during and after labour.

Hannah has been a registered midwife for over a decade, and in recent years, she has taken her passion for supporting parents-to-be further, specialising in antenatal education and hypnobirthing.

Hannah is a member of the association of Hypnobirthing midwives. When it comes to motherhood, she believes with a passion that knowledge is power. The birth of a baby changes everything and we need to support and empower women on this incredible journey.

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