Wild and Whimsical Kids Room Trends 2023

Wild and Whimsical Kids Room Trends 2023


Decorating your kid's bedroom can sometimes be tricky as on one hand, the design should reflect your child’s ever-growing personality and interests but on the other hand, the decor should be timeless enough to offer longevity. Out of all of the rooms in the house, this is the room where you can really let your imagination and creativity run wild.

A kid's room should be practical with plenty of room to relax and play but that doesn’t mean you can’t be daring with your décor. Ready to refresh your child’s room? We’re on hand to help you create an inspiring space that little ones will love with the latest kids' room trends.

Cool and uncluttered

The 2023 decor trends are telling us that when it comes to children’s rooms, less is definitely more. By keeping furnishings to a minimum, you can create a bedroom that is calming while still having oodles of space to play. That being said, your child’s room decor should still be creative and above all fun. Rather than letting your furniture and furnishings do the talking, add style and character to your child’s room without compromising floor space with a charming and inspiring wall mural.

Soar into Space – Themed Rooms

Get ready for the blast off! Proving that themed rooms are going nowhere, Space themed décor is set to be a big hit in 2023. Next year’s décor themes are all about leaving the idea of a bedroom being simply a functional space in the past. In 2023, we are embracing the idea of a kid’s room being a sanctuary a world away from the chaos of the rest of the house. It really doesn’t get more other-worldly than Outer Space. Kids' room décor should inspire children not only to play but also to learn. One of the biggest reasons that space-themed rooms are so popular is that this design concept inspires kids of all ages.

Our Outer Space bedding set with matching curtains is the ultimate parenting decor hack providing maximum impact with minimum fuss. The design is an eye-catching addition to any children’s room and is sure to captivate their imagination for years to come.


Add in Some Animals

Bring the wild into your child’s room with animal-themed decor. You can opt for cute animal accents like pillows, bedding or throw blankets, or go for a full-blown jungle or woodland theme. With a theme like these, the possibilities are endless, from jungle-inspired wallpaper and rugs to floor cushions in the shape of animals. Just make sure the animals fit well with the overall theme.

It’s not Just a Bedroom

Maximize your child’s space and make it work for them in every way. 2023 is all about making kids’ rooms multi-functional, turning them into a place for sleep, learning, play, and even homework as they get older. Consider a bunkbed with a desk underneath, as it’s a great space saver. You can also make their room their playroom, eliminating the need for an extra play space in the house.


Make it Whimsical

This year, we’re seeing lots of playful and imaginative designs, and they’re perfect for kids’ rooms. Fairy lights are a must-have to create a cozy and magical atmosphere and can serve as a nightlight. Another trend that’s popping up is cloud-shaped designs, they add a relaxing and earthy element. Consider cloud-shaped light pendants, wall art and stickers.


Decorating your child’s room can be a rewarding and fun task! It’s an opportunity to tap into your inner child and create a space that is both logical and entertaining for your little one.

We hope you use the trends we’ve shared as inspiration, but don’t forget to take into account your child’s interests, preferences, and personality. Remember, they’ll only be young once, so make sure to have fun and enjoy the process.