What’s GOTS got to do with it?

What’s GOTS got to do with it?

We are super excited to have launched our new 100% organic cotton cellular blankets. But it’s not just any organic cotton – it’s GOTS cotton, approved by Global Organic Textile Standards. Here, we explain what the certification means – and there’s a whole lot more to those four little letters than you might think.

Baby Blankets
GOTS, the gold star of organic As more parents tune in to the benefits of organic – both for our children and the world around us, we've definitely seen an increase in what’s on offer for new-born babies.

This is where certification comes in – because it lets us know that a product is what is says it is. In the case of GOTS, that’s not simply organic ­– but the shining gold star of organic. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading standard of textile production in organic fibres, and it’s a mark that goes far beyond the cotton crop. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with a high social criteria as well. It ensures from an external body that the garment is made in a sustainable and ethical way from seed to stitch throughout the supply chain.

It’s not enough to just say our blankets are organic, we want to give our customers complete transparency in the supply chain– which is why we have aligned ourselves with GOTS. Through our certification we can ensure our products are made in accordance to the very high requirements of the GOTS standard.

So, to answer our first question-what’s GOTS got to do with it? Well, when it comes to the cotton we use in our baby blanket collection, rather a lot. You see, with GOTS, organic cotton ensures there are no toxins against little ones skin so its much safer, as well as being incredibly breathable and super-soft yet durable. Organic cotton is made from high quality fibres resistant to breakage that you and your little one/s can love for years to come-all this and we are helping the planet at the same time. Whilst making the move to organic cotton for our baby blankets is a small step, it's a step closer to using only sustainable cotton by 2025 and we believe that every step towards organic is a good step. Stay with us as we continue on our journey and commitment to sustainability.