Mother & Baby recommends our baby sleep bag!

Mother & Baby recommends our baby sleep bag!


Our grey star organic baby sleep bag has been chosen as one of Mother & Baby's top '12 Baby Sleep Bags to keep little ones comfy and safe'.

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Help your baby get the good night's sleep they, (and you!) deserve with a sleeping bag, that's designed to stay on your little one through the night. Have you ever wondered what makes the best baby sleeping bags - well, the best? We're here to help you find out.

Loose-fitting sheets and blankets can cause a worry in the night. And, if your little one manages to kick them off, they can wake up cold and unhappy. That's why sleeping bags are perfect for nighttime, as they are designed to stay on your little ones even on the most restless nights!

They are designed to stay on your little one, which helps keep them cosy, snug, and safe all night long.

Are sleeping bags good for babies?

Yes, and in fact, they've been recommended by The Lullaby Trust as a sleeping product you can trust that can help reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Baby sleeping bags are a great option that'll keep your little one feeling snug and comforted at night. They prevent their head from being covered by wriggling, a risk that comes with blankets or sheets.

Which baby sleeping bag is safest?

There are plenty of options available to buy, but there are certain characteristics you should look out for to ensure your baby sleeps safe and sound.

There are different sized sleeping bags for different baby ages. This is a helpful guideline but you should make sure that the sleeping bag fits well around their shoulders. So that their head doesn't run the risk of slipping down into their bag.

To keep your baby at the best temperature, you can also get baby sleeping bags with different togs for different seasons. A 2.5 tog is the most popular and will work well for most of the year. But, you could benefit from buying 0.5 to 1 tog sleeping bags for warmer nights and for the height of summer.

Alongside this, you can consider different fastening options, cute designs, and natural fibre materials for softness and comfort.

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