Tips for Tackling Nighttime Potty Training

Tips for Tackling Nighttime Potty Training


Staying dry through the night is a major developmental milestone for your child and the freedom of ditching nappies will be liberating for you both! However, nighttime accidents can be a little challenging. So we’ve pooled our parenting knowledge at Bloomsbury Mill and put together our top tips so you can nighttime potty train like a pro.

  1. Wait until the time is right. Many children progress from daytime to nighttime training from around 3 years old. Baby Sleep Expert Hannah Love says, “Wait until your child shows signs they are ready such as having a dry nappy at night for a whole week.” Other signs of readiness include asking not to wear a nappy at bedtime or waking in the night to ask to go to the toilet.

  2. Don’t stress. You may be keen to ditch the nappies once and for all but it's better to go with the flow (pun intended) until your child is ready. Midwife and postnatal expert Hannah Ewin says, “A hormone change occurs which stops your child needing the toilet at nighttime and they all reach that point at different ages, for my youngest that was around 2 but later with my daughter - once that happens you’ll find nighttime training a lot easier.

  3. Be prepared. Make sure you use a waterproof mattress protector under your child’s sheet so when an accident occurs you won’t be panicking about the mattress, and always keep spare pyjamas near the bed for a quick change in the middle of the night. Victoria Waite, mum to a three-year-old says, “Having a clean Bloomsbury Mill Nap Mat in the wardrobe has been a godsend when it's 3am and you’re desperate to get back to sleep.” In the middle of the night, when everything is soaked the last thing you want is to be changing sheets and duvet covers. Quickly strip the bed and unroll the Nap Mat onto the mattress. You’ve got a sheet, pillow and cover in one and your little one can get back to sleep quicker.

  4. Stay calm. Don’t panic when an accident happens, talk in a whisper and reassure your child it’s totally fine. Try to keep the lights off and if there’s two of you to help, let one parent be in charge of changing pyjamas and offering cuddles while the other one strips the bed and puts down a Nap Mat. The last thing you want is a wide awake three-year-old at 2am!

  5. Have a routine. Make sure you ask your child to use the toilet every night and avoid giving them a large drink before bed. Baby Sleep Expert Hannah Love advises to stop fluids 2 hours before bedtime to increase your chance of success. If your child is a deep sleeper you can gently wake them up (when you go to bed) just enough to put them on the potty next to their bed so they can empty their bladder in the night until they can hold it in till morning.

  6. Be their cheerleader. Children love to be praised so make sure you reward their efforts and successes. If they have a dry night, make a song and dance about it; they’ll get a self-esteem boost and it will reinforce the message that they need to hold on till the morning or go to the loo in the night.

  7. Have faith! Nighttime training does take time but stick with it and you and your child will both feel proud of your achievements. Now to decide how you’ll spend that surplus nappy budget!

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