The ultimate guide to packing for your baby's first summer getaway

The ultimate guide to packing for your baby's first summer getaway


Parenthood doesn't mean you have to give up on your travel dreams. The excitement of planning your baby's first summer getaway is undeniable, but when it comes to packing, it can feel overwhelming. Don't worry, though! Bloomsbury Mill is here to help with a carefully curated packing guide that will make your baby's first summer adventure a breeze. Get ready to pack with confidence and create unforgettable memories. 


From planes to trains and automobiles, here's what you need to ensure a smooth journey with your baby:

  • Stroller: Most airports allow you to bring your stroller to the gate, and some even offer courtesy prams for added convenience.
  • Baby Carrier: Ideal for exploring charming cobblestone streets in historic towns.
  • Pram Sunshade: Keep your little one comfortable and shielded from the sun without constantly adjusting a parasol. Muslin swaddles are breathable and lightweight and can be lightly draped over a pram (making sure to leave the sides open for air flow) to offer a cool place to snooze uninterrupted by sun light. 
  • Car Seat: If you're renting a car, consider bringing your own car seat to ensure both safety and familiarity. Check with your airline for cabin luggage guidelines.

Hand Luggage:

Make the journey enjoyable for both you and your baby with these essential carry-on items:

  • Travel-Friendly Toys: Choose engaging toys that can be securely attached to yourself or your baby, providing entertainment throughout the trip.
  • Multi-Purpose Muslin: This versatile item serves as a lightweight blanket, privacy screen, toy, and even a clean-up tool.
  • Medication Essentials: Pack any prescribed medications or remedies your baby may need during the journey.
  • Feeding Supplies: Don't forget expressed milk, baby formula, snacks, bibs, beakers, spoons, and a ziplock bag for used items.
  • Pacifiers & Steriliser: Keep your baby calm with pacifiers and ensure cleanliness with a steriliser.
  • Travel Documents: Remember to bring your baby's passport and any necessary travel insurance documents.

Changing Bag:

Stay organised and prepared with these essential items for your baby's changing needs:

  • Eco-Friendly Nappies or Reusable Cloth Nappies: Choose between eco-conscious disposables or reusable cloth nappies, or even a combination of both.
  • Baby Wipes: Opt for environmentally friendly wipes for diaper changes on the go.
  • Nappy Sacks: Essential for discreet and hygienic diaper disposal.
  • Nappy Cream: Soothe and protect your baby's delicate skin with a trusted nappy cream.
  • Changing Mat/Muslin: Ensure a clean and comfortable surface for nappy changes wherever you are.


Pack the following clothing items to keep your baby comfortable and stylish:

  • Lightweight and Breathable Outfits: Include onesies, dresses, shirts, and shorts made from cooling fabrics for warmer climates.
  • Warmer Layers: Pack a couple of lightweight sweaters or cardigans for cooler evenings.
  • Sun Hats: Shield your baby's sensitive skin from the sun's rays with cute and protective sun hats.
  • Comfortable Shoes (if applicable): If your little one is already walking, bring suitable shoes for their adventures.


Create a cosy sleep environment for your baby

  • Soft Sleep-suits: Ensure a peaceful night's sleep with soft and comfortable sleep-suits. Bloomsbury Mill's organic baby muslin swaddles are a fabulous addition for a gentle touch against your baby's skin.
  • Night Light: Create a soothing ambiance with a gentle night light to help your baby relax.
  • Storybook: Share bedtime stories and create treasured memories.
  • Travel Cot: (if required): Check with your accommodation regarding the availability of baby beds. Most airlines allow two bulky baby items free of charge, such as a pram, travel cot, car seat, or back carrier. Enhance your baby's sleeping experience with Bloomsbury Mill's organic baby blankets for added warmth and comfort.
  • Breathable Sleeping Bag: Choose a lightweight sleeping bag made from breathable materials suitable for warmer climates. Bloomsbury Mill offers organic cotton baby sleep bags in either 1tog or 2.5tog, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep for your little one.
  • Baby Monitor: Stay connected to your baby's well-being and safety.


Toiletry Bag:

Ensure your baby's hygiene and well-being with these essential toiletries:

  • Gentle Hairbrush:Keep your baby's hair tidy and tangle-free.
  • Tiny Toothbrush: Start building good oral hygiene habits early with a baby-sized toothbrush.
  • Nourishing Baby Lotion/Oil: Keep your baby's skin moisturized and soft. Consider using organic baby skincare products for a gentle and natural touch.
  • Hair & Body Wash: Choose a mild and gentle option for your baby's bath time routine.
  • Prescription Medicine & Skincare: Pack any necessary prescribed medications or specialised skincare products.
  • Cold & Fever Medication: Be prepared for common ailments that may arise during your trip.
  • First Aid Kit: Carry basic medical supplies for unexpected situations. Reliable Thermometer: Monitor your baby's temperature accurately and easily, Nail Scissors: Keep your baby's nails trimmed to prevent scratches.
  • High SPF Sun Cream: Protect your baby's delicate skin with sun cream offering high sun protection. Bloomsbury Mill offers organic sun protection products suitable for your baby's skin.

Beach & Pool:

Make the most of beach and pool time with these essential items:

  • Entertaining Toys: Bring along toys that are suitable for beach and poolside play.
  • Portable Beach Tent: Provide shade and a safe space for your baby to enjoy the beach. Pop a Bloomsbury Mill toddler nap mat inside for added comfort and convenience.
  • Swimwear: Dress your little one in adorable and comfortable swimwear.
  • Swim Nappies: Opt for reusable cloth swim nappies for an eco-friendly choice that's as cute as it is practical. Bloomsbury Mill offers a range of organic baby swaddles and squares that can double as swim nappies.
  • Sun Protection Clothing: Choose lightweight and UV-protective clothing for extra sun safety. Consider Bloomsbury Mill's organic baby muslin for breathable and sun-protective garments.


Don't forget these additional essentials:

  • Snack Containers: Pack convenient and spill-proof containers for your baby's snacks.
  • Breast Pump (if applicable): For breastfeeding mothers, a portable breast pump ensures flexibility and convenience.

Congratulations on embarking on your baby's first summer adventure! With Bloomsbury Mill's expert packing guide, you're equipped with all the essentials to create unforgettable memories while keeping your baby comfortable and happy.

Explore Bloomsbury Mill's range of organic baby muslin, swaddles, squares, blankets, sleep bags, and toddler nap mats for a comfortable and eco-friendly journey. Enjoy a stress-free and joyous vacation with your little one. Happy travels!