The UK baby names predicted to be all the rage in 2020

The UK baby names predicted to be all the rage in 2020

If you've been looking over this year's popular baby names and you're still far away from making a decision, Mother & Baby have shared their predictions for 2020 and here’s 20 of our personal fav’s:

1) Archie

Archie has always been a very popular name in Scotland, including Meghan and Harry's Baby Sussex. The name means to be genuine, bold, and brave.

2) Amber

Perfect for an autumnal baby name, Amber stands for a fossilised jewel.

3) Arlo

The trendy boy name, and currently the 42nd most popular baby boy name having risen 609 places since 2007, Arlo, is believed to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon for the army, fortified, troops, war and mound or hill,' thereby meaning 'fortified hill.'

4) Ada

Short and simple, Ada is another form of the name Adele and Adelaide. This name means the first-born female.

5) Arthur

Meaning noble and courageous, Arthur has become a popular choice recently, especially with Pippa Middleton welcoming her first child, Arthur into the family.

6) Bonnie

The name Bonnie is of Scottish origin meaning beautiful or cheerful. Bonnie is a word the Scots really do use for pretty, thus the root of this name, from the French bonne.

7) Finn

Finn, short for Finley has the meaning of white, fair and 'laogh' meaning warrior.

8) Harper

One of the most upward trending names of 2017, Harper must be influenced by the fabulous Beckham's. It can be used for both boys and girls and means harp player.

9) Maeve

Maeve is an old Irish name and means the cause of great joy. Parents have grown to love the name Maeve again.

10) Kit

Kit is a Greek name with the meaning of the Bearer of Christ.

11) Luna

Luna, the personification of the moon in ancient Roman mythology, has been a popular choice in 2019 and we can see this trend carrying on into next year.

12) Noah

Noah is one of the trendier biblical names that has become popular in recent years. The Hebrew name means rest and comfort.

13) Maisie

The girly name Maisie is a shortened form of Margaret and another name which means pearl.

14) Rex

One of the more unusual names out there at the moment is Rex, but it is popular. The meaning of the name is king. Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash named their son Rex Toby Francis Swash.

15) Mia

The Italian name Mia holds the meaning of mine and is a pretty cool name to have. The Slavic meaning of the name is dear or darling. Hits Radio presenter Gemma Atkinson and Strictly Come Dancing's Gorka Marquez recently named their child Mia.

16) Ted

Teddy or Ted is often shortened from Theodore, Edward or Edgar. It means to be rich, happy, and a guardian or a protector.

17) Theo

The name Theo is often shortened from Theodore. It holds the meaning of God's gift. The most common Theo's you're likely to recognise is footballer Theo Walcott and Theo Campbell from Love Island in 2017.

18) Olivia

There's something so chic about the name Olivia, and it's been a favourite for years. From Olivia Newton-John to Love Island's Olivia Buckland and Olivia Attwood, it's a clear winner. The Latin name means olive tree.

19) Oscar

Oscar is a fun, sweet name that translates to the gentle friend. Gordon and Tana Ramsay named their fifth child Oscar James Ramsay.

20) Winnie

The name Winnie is of English origin meaning holy peace-making. Winnie is a pet form of Winifred and Edwina and has lots of vintage charm, as well as the popular fictional character Winnie the Pooh.

Don't limit your search to names that are just popular in the UK. Other countries around the world have a lot to offer, too. How about these for a little international flair:


Lukas is the German, Scandinavian, and Lithuanian version of the name Lucas, and it is one of the most popular names for boys in Austria, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.


The goddess Freyja is one of the most iconic of the Norse gods and goddesses, so it's no surprise that the name Freja, a slightly modified version of the goddess' name, is popular in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark and Sweden.


A very popular name in France. The name Gabriel means God Is My Strength and is of Hebrew origin.


The name Antonella is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "first born".

And there you have it. Feeling inspired?!