How to create a jungle themed bedroom for your little one

How to create a jungle themed bedroom for your little one

Welcome to the Jungle 

Answer the call of the wild with a safari or jungle themed interior. Little explorers will adore a room that’s bursting with colour, animal motifs and natural textures, for guaranteed playtime adventures.

Getting your little ones involved in choosing and applying their bedroom decor is a wonderful thing, and a jungle themed bedroom is one of those amazingly easy themes you can create quickly and on a budget. 

Here are 5 simple ways to create a jungle themed room for your little explorers:

1. Jungle Theme Wallpaper

Let’s face it, wallpaper is much less messy than paint. Besides, you don’t have to wait hours for it to dry, making it the ideal quick decoration method for creating a no-fuss, jungle themed bedroom. Jungle themed wallpaper comes in all kinds of designs and colours, from colourful jungle leaf prints to jungle animal scenes and abstract designs, and all of them can be used to create a vibrant feature wall for instant jungle vibes. We love the print used here by @gemma_tommy_george_ 

Jungle wallpaper is easy to find both online and at most DIY stores and, once it’s up, creates the perfect backdrop upon which you can layer the following additional jungle theme accessories.


2. Jungle Garlands and Paper Chains

Here’s a great way to get your little ones involved in making their very own jungle bedroom decorations. Jungle-themed garlands, banners and paper chains add instant colour and character to a bedroom, and they’re incredibly quick and easy to make (or you can buy them if you’re short on time!).    @homesweethome_at_23 showcases beautifully how to add textures and colours to add depth to the room. 


3. Jungle Animals

No jungle is complete without its wildlife, and no jungle themed bedroom is complete without its cuddly toy animals.  Transformative play lets kids step outside their everyday lives and learn new things. A selection of soft toys can really help them get into character. 

We love this giant lion and soft toys, which add instant colour, texture and character while reinforcing that all-important jungle theme.   


4. Soft Furnishings 

A great way to introduce jungle themed accessories without clutter is by making use of textiles. Add layers with extra cushions and blankets in earthy shades such as greens, browns and deep blues to really bring nature indoors.  Our Safari Adventure Nap Mat is perfect for rolling out for an additional space to nap and chill whilst remaining in keeping with the bedroom theme! 



5. Safari Bedding

If you don’t want to replace your child’s existing bed, a set of jungle-themed bedding is the perfect compromise. Just like the wallpaper, bedding adds a large surface area of colour and jungle print to help tie the entire jungle themed bedroom together. Our Bloomsbury Mill award-winning safari adventure bedding is the perfect addition, with its cute and colourful animals. All you need to add is a few cuddly toys,  jungle-themed cushions and pillows and coordinating curtains to add extra context and colour. 

And, you’re done! 5 easy steps to creating a jungle themed room for your budding adventurers, and all with minimal fuss and mess. With these 5 jungle bedroom ideas, you and your little ones will be able to design and make a true bedroom wilderness of foliage and wildlife without breaking the bank or even leaving the house. 

Ready to decorate? Share your own jungle bedrooms and ideas with us here at Bloomsbury Mill with #bloomsburymill