We’re super excited to welcome our NEW paediatric nurse and baby sleep expert, Hannah Love. As the newest member of the Bloomsbury Mill family, she's here to provide expert advice on all things related to your little one.

Hannah Love founded the Yummy Baby Group in 2008, combining over 20 years of experience working with babies and children-including 3 of her own. Having trained and worked as a Paediatric Nurse, she began to focus on child nutrition, studying at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London. Whilst studying, Hannah worked as a nanny for children of all ages, eventually becoming the primary carer for children of a number of high-profile sports personalities.

It was during this time as a nanny that Hannah began to develop the early stages of her sleep training techniques.

“Looking after the children 24 hours a day in some cases, it was key for me to establish a calm bedtime that worked for all the family”

Since 2008, Hannah has helped hundreds of families get back to sleep and continues to develop her techniques by working closely with families to help develop a holistic approach to sleep training, including nutrition, health and wellbeing-all key contributors to a good night’s sleep.

We’re not the only ones who have recognised Hannah’s expertise, wealth of knowledge and experience, she has been used as a media expert for Claire's Diary, Practical Parenting Magazine, NCT, Mother & Baby and Prima Baby Magazine as well as making appearances on GMTV.

"I'm delighted to be supporting Bloomsbury Mill as their resident paediatric nurse and baby sleep expert and can’t wait to offer my professional support, advice and useful tips to all parents out there-looking for a holistic approach to a good night’s sleep”.

You can find out more about Hannah over on her website-here Welcome to the Bloomsbury Mill family, Hannah!