Make up on the fly: Time saving make up tips for busy Mums

Make up on the fly: Time saving make up tips for busy Mums


As a busy Mum, finding time for yourself can often feel like a luxury. Amidst the chaos of parenting, work and managing a packed schedule, applying make up might be the last thing on your mind. But fear not! We've partnered with celebrity Makeup Artist, Cinta Miller to bring you expert advice on how to master the art of makeup in a hurry. Whether you're rushing out the door or stealing a few precious minutes to pamper yourself, our Q&A session will provide you with quick and practical tips to help you achieve a beautiful and put-together look effortlessly.

Get ready to discover insider secrets, time-saving techniques, and must-have products that will empower you to embrace your busy lifestyle without sacrificing your personal style. So, join us as we dive into the world of makeup for busy Mums and unlock the secrets to looking your best, even when time is not on your side!

What are some quick and easy makeup tips for busy Mums who are always on the go?

Have products that have multipurpose use. I always think a great rose pink lipstick is good for pressing into cheeks to instantly brighten your face and also dabbed onto lips for a pinch of colour. A good mascara will brighten eyes and open them up but be sure to pick a mascara that's somewhat waterproof to sheild you from the daily tasks of motherhood. I love Triple Threat by Iconic London.

How can busy Mums achieve a natural-looking, flawless complexion in a hurry?

Sometimes it's more about finding that ONE product that suits your skin type as opposed to laying up a million different things. One of the best and easiest products I have found is Radience Booster By Iconic London. It comes in a really, really wide range of colours and will 100% have a shade for you. It's a hybrid of a foundation, light reflector and tinted moisteriser. Honestly it makes you look like you are in an instagram filter and brightens any complexion in seconds. When there is a product like this it really helps. But it really is about using something to create a glow. Tinted moisturisers are the best for that with a swoop of warmth.

Are there any multitasking makeup products that can save time for busy Mums?

Use a moisturising body wash or oil to save time once you are out of the shower and find a bright lipstick shade that suits your complexion. Bright lips look better when the rest of your make up is stripped back. It can be enough to make you look like you make an effort.

Can you share some time-saving techniques for applying eye makeup?

Use your ring finger to swoop over a wash of colour on your eyes. Put your eye cream on at night to save your eyes being greasy or oily when applying eye make up in the morning.

What are your top recommendations for achieving a fresh and radiant look with minimal effort?

Spritz skin with a hydrating mist as often as you can. Skin loves to be hydrated and it loves to soak up moister like rose water to keep skin fresh and radiant. It will also help any make up glide on smoother.

How can busy Mums make their makeup last all day without constant touch-ups?

A great fixing spray or literally spritzing with a hydrating spray wets the make up and allows it to dry and stay in place better

Are there any essential makeup items that every Mum should have in her bag?

 A small hairbrush and a rose tinted lip balm.

Can you suggest a simple and fast makeup routine that busy Mums can follow every day?

Every woman has different needs and looks that they feel they want to achieve for themselves. But I advise every client to keep skin well moisturised and have 4 main products that are your everyday go-to products.  This simplifies your make up routine and therefore saving time.

I always say Mascara, Concealer, Bronzer and a tinted lip balm

Are there any tricks for achieving a polished, professional look in a hurry?

A hairbrush and dry shampoo always works wonders in a hurry

And there you have can catch up with the latest tip and truck from Cinta over on her Instagram page @cintalondon