Get to know our baby Sleep Bag

organic baby sleep bag

Creating a safe environment for your baby to sleep can be a daunting task; there are so many options for sleepwear and so much advice on what’s right for them. 

The  Lullaby Trust, a charity which promotes safer sleep for babies, have listed a sleeping bag as essential in their product guide. A baby sleep bag is a good option as they prevent little ones head from accidentally being covered and the availability of different TOGs means you can choose the right one for the season.

At Bloomsbury Mill we are dedicated to helping the whole family sleep better, which is why we developed our baby sleep bag. This award-winning essential is innovatively designed to ensure your little one has an undisturbed & safe sleep, taking away some of the safety & temperature issues of bedtime.

When adjusted correctly – fitting snugly but comfortably around the neck – a sleep bag will ensure baby's head is kept uncovered. There’s also the added benefit of keeping your little one at the correct temperature through the night, and not overheating, which could mean fewer instances of waking up (hopefully)! They’re great for travelling too as no additional blankets are needed. Also, if your baby is prone to a feed during the night they’re brilliant, as you don’t need to remove them from the sleeping bag.

What else makes our sleep bag so brilliant?

  1. Our baby sleep bag is crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton. The unique muslin fabric is incredibly soft and safer than most materials as it’s breathable, thermoregulating & moisture-wicking. These properties ensure that little ones stay at the perfect temperature every night. 
  2. It is designed with many useful features such as a front opening zip to make changing easier and quicker so your little one can snooze undisturbed.
  3. As your little one grows, the sleeping bag remains a good choice as it gives them plenty of room to move around & grow
  4. Little ones love to wriggle, even when they’re sleeping. Our Sleep Bag keeps their legs tucked in to avoid them waking up chilly in the night because they’ve kicked off the covers. The fitted neck opening, with zipper guard and adjustable armholes also ensure your baby won’t slip down inside the bag.
  5. Our Baby Sleep Bag comes in 2 TOGs (2.5 & 1) in order to keep your little one comfortably covered in every season & every climate.

You can use a sleep bag from day one. However, many parents will instead opt to swaddle their newborn baby at naptime and bedtime. The window for swaddling is pretty short, though. It's recommended that you should remove the swaddle as soon as your baby shows signs of starting to roll. While that’s typically between 3 - 4 months of age, sometimes it’s as early as 2 months old. 

When you’re ready to transition from the swaddle (or if you skipped it altogether), a sleep bag can be used to ensure your baby stays comfortable. It’s a safe alternative to using a sheet or blanket (which, again, is not recommended for babies under 12 months of age).

Consider the room temperature and how many layers you need. Generally, you’ll want to dress your baby in the same amount of layers that you’d have for sleep (or maybe one additional layer if you feel it’s needed). 

Don’t over-bundle. Overheating can cause an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), so you’ll want to look out for signs that your baby’s too warm: sweating, flushed skin, or the baby’s chest feeling hot to the touch. Your infant may be comfortable in only a onesie or long-sleeved pyjamas under the sleep bag, depending on the ambient temperature and thickness of the sleep bag.

The perfect temperature all year round

The variety of TOGs available for sleep bags make them safe for sleeping all year round, but what is a TOG? Put simply, it determines the thickness of the sleeping bag: the higher the rating, the warmer it is. 

Babies can’t regulate their temperature well, so dressing them appropriately underneath a sleeping bag is important so they stay at a safe & comfortable temperature whilst they sleep.

How to care for your Bloomsbury Mill Sleep Bag

We make all of our baby collections to last and with proper care, the pieces will remain to look and feel great so they can be worn again & again so they can eventually be passed on to another little one.