EGGstra Fun Easter Activities for Kids (and Parents!)

EGGstra Fun Easter Activities for Kids (and Parents!)


With Easter fast approaching you might be looking for some egg-cellent fun indoor games & activities to keep the little ones entertained. We know this will be an Easter like no other but there's still lots of fun to be had without even leaving your house.


Easter is the perfect time to get creative and indulge your love of craft with a spot of traditional egg decorating. Whether you hard boil eggs then paint, ready to roll, or you blow out the insides, it's how pretty you can make them that's where the real fun begins! Follow these simple steps to make some decorative boiled eggs:

  1. Gently boil your eggs for around 10 minutes (paler ones would be better for painting after!)
  2. Let them cool & dry before letting little ones get creative
  3. Draw all over them in crayons or paints
  4. Add some ears, fluffy tails and any accessories you desire
  5. Once your little artist is happy it’s time to let them dry
  6. TADAAH!!


We all know it's not Easter without an Egg Hunt! Download our Egg-citing Easter Eggs here and get decorating. Simply print off, colour in or paint and cut out your masterpiece, then hide them around the house and garden (weather dependent, fingers crossed for sunshine!). If you fancy getting really creative, use the smaller eggs to create some colourful and fun bunting to decorate the house or garden for a real Easter feel. House all set? Then it’s time to let the little ones loose to gather them up! Maybe offer up a real chocolate egg as a reward for finding them all!


Try this good old-fashioned game after your Easter egg hunt is over! All you need are eggs (hard-boiled are the least messy) and metal or wooden spoons for each participant. Race individually or relay-style. On your marks, get set, GO...


Kids are going to love making our paper bunny masks and decorating them. Just print off, colour in and off you hop! All you need is some string, scissors, colouring pens and a little imagination!


You’ll need to sharpen your colouring pencils or polish off your paint brushes for this one! Download our Easter Egg templates which you can find here and let your little ones imaginations run wild! Not only are these templates fun, they are designed to enable children to create repeating patterns while colouring, developing key motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Anyone for some educational Easter fun ?

We can’t wait to see what they design, we’re sure they'll be the most magical Easter Eggs we’ve ever seen-and would love you to share them with us @bloomsburymill.

Happy Easter!