Creating the perfect winter baby bedtime routine

Creating the perfect winter baby bedtime routine
Did you know that babies who enjoy a predictable nightly ritual tend to sleep better and longer? While sticking to a schedule is crucial year-round, let's explore some extra tips to ensure everyone stays cosy during those chilly winter nights.

Ideal Room Temp - Ensure your baby's room is comfortably warm (16-22°C) while guarding against drafts.

Bath Bliss - Kickstart the routine with a soothing bath, using gentle baby products and warm (not too hot) water. Wrap them in a cute hooded towel afterward!

Moisturise and Melt Away Stress - Apply baby lotion to combat dry winter skin, and treat your little one to a calming massage.

Cosy Sleepwear - For winter, opt for footie pyjamas and a snug 2.5 TOG baby sleep bag from our organic baby collection. 

Set the Sleep Scene - Dim lights, hush the house, and draw the curtains to create a sleep-friendly ambiance.

Bedtime Stories and Lullabies - Bond through bedtime tales and sweet melodies; your baby will cherish every moment.

Nourishing Feed - Include a final feed to ensure a full belly for the night, with burp cloths/muslins at the ready.

Cuddle Time - Share precious cuddles before placing them in their cot or crib, fostering security as they drift to dreamland. Try to put them down drowsy but awake.

White Noise Serenity - Some babies find white noise comforting for peaceful sleep. You can use a white noise machine or crib with built-in features.

Why a winter bedtime ritual is a must for newborns

Wondering why a winter bedtime routine is crucial for your little one? Well, let us break it down for you.

When those colder months roll in, it can throw some curveballs into your baby's sleep game. Think fluctuating temperatures and fewer sunny hours. That's where a consistent bedtime routine swoops in to save the day!

This routine becomes your baby's trusty sidekick in regulating their internal clock, creating a reliable sleep-wake cycle. The soothing steps, like a warm bath, gentle massage, and quiet bonding moments, send signals that it's time to wind down. No more overstimulation - just a smooth transition from playtime to dreamland.

And let's not forget about those chilly winter nights! It's essential to keep your baby toasty without compromising safety. Swaddling or using a sleep bag are the superhero solutions here.

But it's not just about sleep; it's about bonding too. This bedtime ritual is your golden opportunity to connect with your newborn, building trust and a sense of security.

In a nutshell, a winter bedtime routine sets the stage for peaceful slumbers, helping your baby navigate the season's challenges while promoting those all-important sleep patterns for their growth and development.